How to sell your Maui condo fast

Do you need to get your Maui condo on the market and sold quickly?

Whether you own a vacation rental condo on Maui or any other type of property, if you are experiencing an urgent need to sell we want you to feel confident knowing how to proceed. 

The Sayles Team has developed a clear action plan with 8 steps you can follow to achieve success. Read the action plan below and be sure to also check out our Seller reviews so you know how our clients rate our service representing their listing.

#1 - Review recent sales in your building

It's important to get educated about prices unique to your market which is why you need to see a complete list of the most recent condo sales. We offer a self-serve list of South Maui condo sales and West Maui condo sales - just look for your condo, click on the name and sign up for instant access to the latest sales data! If you don't see your building listed, call or text our team directly at 808-757-7759 for rapid response with the essential sales information you need.

#2 - Request an expert price opinion

Use our convenient online free price evaluation CMA to provide the basic information and you will receive a same-day response with our professional price opinion.

#3 - Know and communicate your expectations

If you have a situation where you need to complete the sale within a certain time frame, it's important to share that information with your agent so they can advise you on the best strategy to fulfill that goal.

#4 - Gather useful info about your condo

Experience has shown us that detailed information makes a difference when you're trying to get a Maui condo sold fast. It's helpful to write down an organized list of essential information such as:

  • Upgrades you've made to your condo in the last few years
  • Rental history is especially helpful
  • Special features about your property that might not be apparent
  • Your currently monthly maintenance fee
  • List any special furniture or items you plan to exclude from the sale

#5 - Choose an agent who can get it listed for sale ASAP

If you urgently need to get your Maui condo on the market, the Sayles Team can prepare the listing agreement and get it to you for signature in 4 hours or less. We use DocuSign, the industry leading digital signature platform to make everything fast and convenient for you to remotely sign listing documents and other documents anywhere in the world.

In addition to our swift response with documents, our Team's dedicated marketing staff can work with you to make sure we have the photos and virtual tour content ready to give the best first impression when the listing debuts.

#6 - Listen to market feedback

While your condo is on the market we will give you reports and feedback on how buyers and agents are responding to your unit. Addressing that feedback makes a big difference for getting your condo sold quickly. In times of market uncertainty, conditions can change quickly and sometimes that change can be dramatic. We are here to help with reliable information about changes in the market and will advise you if changes to your listing are needed in order to get your condo sold in the timeframe you want.

#7 - Negotiate for win-win outcome

We have a proven track record for successful negotiations because we focus on solutions that bring a desirable outcome for both sides, sellers and buyers. If you want to sell your Maui condo fast, you will want to focus with us on a win-win scenario that makes both sides feel positive and excited to move forward.

#8 - Be responsive during the escrow process

When your condo is under contract you will want to carefully examine the escrow timeline we will provide and be diligent in responding to requests. Rest assured that our dedicated client care coordinator will be with you every step of the way.

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